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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find out about wearing contact lenses?

If you want to wear contact lenses to correct your eyesight, you must start by consulting your Torga Optical Optometrist for a fitting. Only registered optometrists can fit contact lenses. Fitting includes discussing your lifestyle requirements, an eye examination to make sure your eyes are healthy and find out if you are suitable to wear contact lenses. Measurements will be taken of your eyes to ensure the best lens type, fit and vision before trying the lenses. Once have worn lenses it is important to have your eye health checked again. You will also need to learn how to handle and take care of your contact lenses. Your optometrist will advise you when you should wear the lenses and how often you should replace them.


How long does it take to fit contact lenses?

Your optometrist will tell you when the fitting is completed. Once fitted, you will need regular check-ups to make sure your eyes are healthy. With a check-up visit the optometrist will check your vision and eye health and make sure you take care of your contact lenses in the correct manner. It is also a great opportunity to find out about the latest technology in contact lens materials, wear and care.


Do I need a contact lens prescription in order to buy contact lenses?

Before an optometrist can supply you with contact lenses they will need the original prescription or they must verify the prescription with the optometrist who fitted your lenses originally. The prescription must include all lens measurements, power, material and/ or brand and should indicate when the last eye test was done.


What if I just want contact lenses to change my eye colour?

If you want contact lenses that change the colour or appearance of your eyes rather than correct your eyesight the same degree of care should be taken when buying and wearing these lenses as with any other lenses. It is essential to have instruction on lens care solutions, hygiene and handling, and to follow all the recommended care procedures.


Where can I buy contact lenses?

You can buy your contact lenses from the optometrist who carried out your fitting or from another supplier, provided you supply the original prescription or they check the prescription with the person who fitted your lenses.


How long does my contact lens prescription remain valid?

Your optometrist will advise you on this as it depends on lens type, wearing schedule, replacement frequency and your eye health. It is in your best interest for check-ups at least every 12 months or more often if necessary.


What should I do if I have a problem with my lenses between check-ups?

If you have a problem with your eyes or lenses, don’t wait for your next check-up. Occasionally you may experience discomfort or redness with your lenses. If the symptoms improve when a lens is removed the lens is usually dirty, dusty or damaged. If you experience irritation, redness, tearing or a discharge you could suffer from a corneal infection which affects the front of the eye. Your eyes may also be very sensitive to light and your vision may be blurred. In most cases of infection, symptoms are not relieved by removing the contact lenses. If your eyes don’t look good or feel good, or if you don’t see well, you should consult your optometrist as soon as possible.


Where can I buy my contact lens solutions?

They are available form pharmacies, supermarkets as well as your optometrist. To get the best out of your lenses you should not change the solutions you use or the cleaning method without the recommendation of your optometrist.


Are contact lenses difficult to look after?

Almost everyone can wear contact lenses these days and are simple and convenient to use. With daily wear contact lenses and multipurpose solutions it’s never been easier to wear contact lenses. Inserting and removing contact lenses takes some practice but will soon be as easy as brushing your teeth. If you stick to the recommend wear and care procedures your lenses will provide excellent vision and comfort. Problems with contact lenses are rare and usually happens when you don’t take care of your lenses.


Do I have to wear my contact lenses every day?

You probably will want to wear your contact lenses every day once you try them but you may also prefer to wear the only some of the time – such as when you are going out, for sport or on holidays.


When can children start wearing contact lenses?

Even young children can wear contact lenses successfully. Freedom from glasses can boost children’s self-confidence, as well as allow them to fully participate in all activities at school. It is not necessary to wait for a child’s eyes to stop changing before they start wearing contact lenses as most contact lenses are replaced often. Even babies may wear contact lenses but only for medical indications.