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A Guide to Torga's Lenses


Choosing the right lens depends on your prescription, personal preference, and lifestyle. Whether your prescription specifies Single Vision, Bifocals or Multifocals, Torga's professional Optometrists can provide you with lens options that best meet your visual lifestyle.



Lens Types

Single vision - Single vision or view lenses are generally used for correcting one field of vision, namely distance, intermediate (computer) or near. Younger individuals will be able to wear their single vision lenses all day whereas some older individuals will require different pairs for different tasks.

Bifocals - A bifocal is a lens designed for distance and near vision. These two different prescriptions are divided by a line which is visible on the glasses. The section above the line would be for distance vision and the section below the line would be for near vision.

Multifocals – a multifocal (also known as a progressive lens or Varifocal) is a lens that allows for clear distance, intermediate and near vision. The prescription id varied through the lens to allow for a smooth transition between the different fields of vision. A multifocal has no visible line on the lens as a Bifocal does.




Torga's Lens Materials

Trivex – Trivex is an ultra-strong and light lens material that is ideal for sports and safety lenses. It is a chosen material for rimless frames and children’s eyewear due to this strength. This material provides strength and therefore protection as well as excellent vision.

Polycarbonate – Polycarbonate is a high- impact resistant material that can be used for sports and safety vision. It does not provide the same level of visual clarity as the Trivex material.

MR 8 – MR 8 is an excellent high index optical material that provides clarity of vision as well as cosmetically appealing lenses. Lenses made in this material will be thinner and lighter than many of the alternative materials. This is a first choice material for many prescriptions and frames.

FutureX – FutureX is a high strength lens material that provides good visual performance and aesthetics.

CR 39 – CR 39 is one of the most commonly used lens materials. This material high quality everyday vision, but its strength, aesthetics and weight does not compare to the more modern materials of Trivex and MR8.

MR 10 – MR 10 is a lens material used on higher powered lenses. It provided thinner and lighter lenses resulting in a great cosmetic appearance and comfortable vision.

MR 1.74- MR 1.74 is a lens material that will provide the thinnest lenses and it is therefore used for higher prescriptions.