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Prescription and Lens Choice

How to choose your prescription lenses

All of Torga Optical's frames are available with prescription lenses, such as reading lenses, single vision lenses for distance or near vision and varifocal lenses.

Once you've found your favourite frame, simply tap "Select Lenses and Buy Now" to get started.

How to provide your prescription

We'll ask you about your prescription at the checkout. There are three easy options:

1. Send my prescription later. We'll contact you after purchase, or we can contact your previous Optician on your behalf.

2. Upload a picture of your prescription. If you have it handy, taking a picture of your Optician's prescription with your phone and uploading it is the easiest option.

3. Type your prescription in. You can enter your prescription values for each eye manually. 

What if I want reading glasses?

Any of Torga Optical's frames can be made into the perfect pair of reading glasses.

Once you've found the frame you want, just select Single Vision for Up Close lenses.

When prompted for your prescription at checkout, select "Type your prescription in" and enter your reading strength as the Sphere value. You can leave all other fields blank.

How to request your prescription from your optician

It's easier than you might think. It's your prescription, and your Optician is obliged to provide it to you.

You can call or email your optician (if emailing them remember to include your date of birth) and ask them to email your prescription to you.

Tip: ask your Optician to provide you with your PD (Pupillary Distance) values at the same time. Many Opticians tend to omit PDs from prescriptions, as they are necessary to buy online.

How to measure your PD (Pupillary Distance) Values 

If you don't know or weren't provided with your PD values, no worries.

We will contact you after your purchase with instructions on how to measure them easily from home, either using an app on your phone or using a ruler and mirror.

Torga Optical's State of the Art Lens Laboratory - Specialises in Varifocals

All our lenses are made in-house at our own state-of-the-art lens laboratory.

Torga Optical's Lens Laboratory specialises in Varifocal lenses - all our varifocal lenses are digital designs, offering wide visual zones and comfortable vision.