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Polarised Lenses

The best solution for sun protection and driving is polarised lenses.

Most optometrists recommend that everyone should own a pair of quality polarised sunglasses. Polarised lenses do what no other lens treatment, tint or photochromic lens can - they block blinding glare. In addition, polarised lenses can enhance visual acuity, colour contrast and visual comfort, and block 100% of harmful UVA (315-380nm) and UVB (280-315nm) light. You will see more comfortably while taking care of the health of your eyes. 

There is much demand for polarised lenses - in fact, without really knowing much about what they are or what they do, many people seem quite prepared to insist on having polarised lenses over ordinary tinted lenses (if given the choice). 

But, what do polarised lenses actually do? How do they work to make the wearer see more comfortably?
The answer is simple: polarised lenses ease the discomfort of blinding glare.

What exactly is glare and what causes it?
Glare is uncomfortable visible light that compromises one's vision.

Light travels from the sun in the form of waves to earth. Once these waves hit a reflective horizontal surface (such as a road or a body of water), they change their energy and become scattered. It's at this moment of reflection that light becomes polarised and forms ‘visual noise’. This is known as ‘blinding glare’ and it interferes with the real image. The only way to eliminate this glare is to place a polarised lens in its path in order to absorb the interfering glare. By neutralising glare, polarised lenses help one to see objects more clearly, more comfortably, and also help to reduce the harmful effects of UV light.

This is the fundamental principle that has resulted in the creation of polarised eyewear.

Polarised lenses are coated with a special chemical film that helps to reduce glare. The most important element of any polarised lens is the polariser – a unique film incorporated into the lens structure.

Are Polarised lenses really worth it?
Not only is glare unpleasant, but it also impairs depth perception, distorts your view and colours, and can cause temporary blindness. So the additional cost is definitely worth it — especially for athletes. Regular sunglasses may filter some sunlight but they do not eliminate glare as effectively as polarised lenses.

A polarised lens offers the following advantages over non-polarised lenses:
- Polarised lenses increase visual comfort. Since your eyes aren't constantly challenged by glare, it is easier to view objects in bright conditions.
- Polarised lenses enhance the clarity of vision and contrast for ground-level objects and surfaces and for seeing across the water.

The unique chemical composition of the polarising film facilitates a chemical reaction between the lens material and polarising film material. As a result, the polarising film and the lens are linked by a stable chemical bond. This eliminates any chance of film separation.

Torga Optical uses only the latest polarised lens technology available. Available polarised products are:
- PolarT is a very effective and cost-effective polarised lens that will improve visual comfort as well as protect your eyes from harmful UV rays
- NuPolar lenses are available in more colours, styles and materials than any other patient polarised lens.