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The Importance of Vision for Driving.



Everyone wants the best technology and best safety features for their vehicles, having the safest vehicle on the market coupled with reduced driver’s vision decreases the element of safety. So why not couple the safety of the vehicle with the best technology and sharpest vision for your eyes.


Why is good vision so important for driving?
Many driving tasks require the use of the driver’s vision these include:
Seeing road signs and markings in the distance
Seeing other vehicles around you
Seeing pedestrians
Seeing animals
Noticing potholes before it is too late
Seeing your speedometer and gauges
Driving with glare from the sun or oncoming head lights at night

When was your last eye examination?
When you last renewed your driver’s licence?
If the answer to the above question is yes here are some important points to note:
The licence department only conducts a basic screening of an individual’s visual ability.
Passing the screening at the licence department does not mean glasses are not necessary.
By law drivers do not require 20/20 vision to drive in South Africa, but many drivers could have this vision with the correct visual correction.
Improved vision can reduce the number of collisions on our roads.
A comprehensive eye examination at your nearest Torga Optical store will assess all aspects of your vision, as well as the health of the eye.

Do you have the correct lens technology in your glasses to optimize your driving ability?
Lenses with poor optics will hinder rather than improve your driving ability.
Ensuring you have the best technology lenses for different driving conditions will aid the driver’s vision.
Glare is a large cause of driver’s visual discomfort, glare is experienced in the day
from the sun and overcast conditions and at night from on-coming headlights and streetlights.
The correct prescription in the form of Polarised sunglasses for day time and antireflective coated lenses for night time, will result in the optimum driving vision.

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